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Why Become a Grant Review Panelist?
  • To help select the best projects from competitive groups of grant applications.
  • To contribute your expertise to objectively evaluate and Score applications against published review criteria.
  • To gain a full understanding of the award process.
  • To work together with professional peers and Federal officials.
  • To obtain knowledge for your own professional development and goals.

Thank you for your interest in serving as a grant review panelist with the US Department of Labor, Employment and Training Administration (ETA).

What is a Grant Review Panelist? Each year, the Department of Labor (DOL), Employment & Training Administration (ETA) convenes panel reviews to evaluate and score eligible grant applications. These technical reviews are designed to choose the best programs for funding through a competitive solicitation process. Grant review panelists are selected for their expertise and their ability to objectively evaluate the quality of grant applications.

Panelists are expected to use their expertise to assess the applications according to the published evaluation criteria. They accept the responsibilities of thoroughly reading all applications, fully contributing to panel deliberations, and producing accurate and unbiased evaluations.

The Panelist Application Process

To be considered for future grant review opportunities, all prospective panelists are required to complete a three-step process:

  1. Complete a panelist profile. In addition to providing your contact information, areas of expertise and a brief bio, be prepared to submit a current resume.
  2. Complete an online training module, Rating and Documenting Evaluative Feedback for Grant Applications, to learn about the DOL-ETA paneling process, as well as the expectations and responsibilities of a grant review panelist.
  3. Rate a sample grant application and document evaluative feedback in a Panelist Rating Workbook. Your completed workbook must be emailed to High Impact Partners (HIP), DOL-ETA’s identified contractor.

IMPORTANT: Steps 1-3 must be completed to be considered for future panel review opportunities.

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